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Chocolate Package Design

Company basing in Uzbekistan wanted to make a product that will have a cultural attitude. The product was labelled as an export product and premium quality to spread it around the world. It was decided that the product design needs to be a mixture of national ornament and European modern design. In result, the product line was divided into several directions, namely, one line fully took the cultural design, second-line fully European design and the last one was a mixture of culture and modern! Additionally, there were 2 main sizes of the product package. The big one will be sold in 12' x 8' boxes, whereas, Smaller one in 6' x 8'.
One set of products require to be designed for tourists visiting Uzbekistan that will take chocolate as a souvenir. For that reason, there was a need in designing 3 designs of the chocolate package, each for 3 mostly visited provinces of Uzbekistan. The second set was designed as an export product that will be mainly sold in foreign stores. Even client categorized its target audience as "everyone", it was decided that first set, regarding souvenir products, was mainly focused on the elder group of people, namely, 50-60. It was identified by the age group of people that were visiting Uzbekistan last 3-5 years. The second set of the product that is going to be exported to European stores is more focused on low - average income people.



Murodov Farrukh


June 2019