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Chocolate Package

Chocolate Package Design

Company basing in Uzbekistan wanted to make a product that will have a cultural attitude. The product was labelled as an export product and premium quality to spread it around the world. It was decided that the product design needs to be a mixture of national ornament and European modern design.
In result, the product line was divided into several directions, namely, one line fully took the cultural design, second-line fully European design and the last one was a mixture of culture and modern! Additionally, there were 2 main sizes of the product package. The big one will be sold in 12' x 8' boxes, whereas, Smaller one in 6' x 8'.



Farrukh Murodov


Packaging Design

One set of products require to be designed for tourists visiting Uzbekistan that will take chocolate as a souvenir. For that reason, there was a need in designing 3 designs of the chocolate package, each for 3 mostly visited provinces of Uzbekistan. The second set was designed as an export product that will be mainly sold in foreign stores. Even client categorized its target audience as ``everyone``, it was decided that first set, regarding souvenir products, was mainly focused on the elder group of people, namely, 50-60. It was identified by the age group of people that were visiting Uzbekistan last 3-5 years. The second set of the product that is going to be exported to European stores is more focused on low - average income people.