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Fayzli Toshkent

  -    -  Fayzli Toshkent
Art Direction:

Murodov Farrukh


February 2020


Tashkent Municipality


Brand Identity | Print Materials

City Campaign

Following the collaboration with City Hall of Tashkent, our team was involved and carry out the “Fayzli Toshkent” campaign, led by the Mayor of the capital and gathered as well as 1000 workers. Mayor of the capital launched the action, noted that a clean and well-groomed city will be truly blessed. Mayor also drew attention to the fact that as a result of such events Tashkent will become a beautiful and well-maintained city, and also noted the importance of maintaining its cleanliness and order and expressed hope that in the future Tashkent citizens will continue the initiative in their areas and their streets and this will become daily and an important task. The campaign included 105 units of special equipment involved in cleaning areas from garbage, removing them and putting in order the territories, waste transport machines, tractors, excavators, hoisting machines, dump trucks, and cranes.

Our contribution to the creation of brand “Fayzli Toshkent” campaign, involved modern art technique based on research for a more sustainable built environment. Brand of “Fayzli Toshkent” campaign shows that we are walking the talk where it matters, the brand shows the importance of cleaning the city and reducing the environmental footprint while performing campaign. The success of the brand lies in the hands of our citizens, guests and employees of the capital, who accepted the brand with ward heart. With around more than 1000 workers and dozens of citizens involved in the campaign, the ongoing challenge to make the capital truly blessed is very real and highly demanding.

The brand, that our team created, identifies the capital and its cleanness. As a mark, flag, symbol or signature of the goal that the “Fayzli Toshkent” campaign intends to reach. The brand derives the meaning of the word blessed and it symbolizes a wonderful paradise that each of us can turn our city. The concept illustrated in the brand of the “Fayzli Toshkent” campaign calls each citizen by their names – rather than by the confusing, soulless and forgettable sign. In this same way, the brand does not describe what the campaign is about does but rather, identify the whole movement as a lifestyle in a way that is recognizable and memorable. In a nutshell, the brand of the “Fayzli Toshkent” campaign means it is much more important goals than what it looks like.