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Green Initiative 2019

  -    -  Green Initiative 2019
Art Direction:

Murodov Farrukh


September 2019


Tashkent Municipality


Brand Identity | Merchandise

The Green Initiative

The Green Initiative is Eco-festival directed to plant over 409.000 trees in Tashkent city. This festival will be an every-year event to direct the message to people to be a part of the nature they live in. Thousands of people took part in the festival to be a part of a green city. People of different cultures, ethnicity, and professions went outside with their parents and children to do their bit in the shape of a lovely city. It is known that the best education is given by example. It was a joy to see people who have gone out to plant trees with their children. The more love for nature we – adults instil in our children, the more hope that tomorrow there will be an army of defenders.

Let’s show the right example, plant a tree!

The campaign “Yashil Tashabbus” (“Green Initiative”) was held in March. In total, more than 409 000 trees were planted in the capital. Every citizen could take part in the campaign. Everyone could get a tree for planting in blocks at their place of residence and plant it on one of the free zones specially orientated for planting trees.

The campaign will involve more than two thousand volunteers throughout the city. Local government bodies, public organizations, representatives of government agencies, ministries and departments, and other organizations took part in the large-scale initiative.

The landscape aesthetics

The landscape aesthetics today is an integral part of the modern metropolis, so the issues of gardening are always on the agenda of the leadership of the capital. Creating green areas, parks and gardens with greenery are necessary not only for the landscape design of the metropolis but above all, to maintain a clean environment in the capital. Trees clean the air, prevent the spread of exhaust gases, quench the noise level, and soften the climate and dry air. According to statistics, one hectare of forest delays 54 tons of dust per year and the air temperature in the shade of trees remains 16 degrees lower than in open space.


Altogether, every citizen of the capital made a significant contribution to supporting the ecology of our capital by taking part in this campaign. The main goal of the campaign was upturn the ecological footprint of Tashkent. In addition, as part of the campaign, a concert program, master classes and other thematic events are planned in the capital. Carefully was select plants species that enrich the air with oxygen. These include, for example, pine, spruce, oak, elm, chestnut, birch. Sophora, chestnut, maple, ash and oak. Among the planted bushes, preference was given to forsythia, Japanese quince, magnolia, Syrian rose and other plants. Tulips, viols, taghetis and salvias will also decorate the central and other streets of the capital this spring.