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Tashkent City Branding

Art Direction:

Murodov Farrukh


September 2019


Tashkent Municipality


Brand Identity | Merchandise


Tashkent is transforming, shifting its form, nature, but only its colours, moods, and emotions remain intact. We decided to give the logo an indefinite form, stressing its flexibility, just as water that changes nature, but remains the same. Tashkent as well is moving into the future and advancing, modifying its form, but its constituent components remain. People are as bright, polite, and hospitable as they have always been. Colours are part of every human, and they reflect in each of their actions.

Tashkent is renowned for its hospitality, it is also called a city of light, a city of friendship, and a city of bread. Residents of Tashkent City feel like a community since every local is part of a large family. Most citizens have seen how the city has welcomed those who have fled the horrors of war with their relatives. subsequently, many of them were amazed at the warmth of the people who chose to live in this bright city.


Like many cities in Uzbekistan, Tashkent is inhabited by many ethnicities live in harmony, joy, and good neighbourliness. And no one saw a tension between them in the area, there was only respect and love.
Tashkent is a city of cultural convergence, from the architectural ensemble to festivals and holidays. All that surrounds the city is the history of the past, the present, and the future, where people and their feelings are in their very souls.


When choosing the primary colours, we wanted to illustrate the importance of unity, goodwill, happiness, and hope. After all, these words are the personification of Tashkent. When establishing the identity of the city, we decided to highlight the peculiarity of the city, open its soul, and share a piece of happiness. Identity elements can be easily transformed to suit the needs of the city, but at the same time, they leave an easily identifiable picture.
As a result, the city not only exposes its innermost spirit but also makes you fall in love with itself!