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Toshkent Non

  -    -  Toshkent Non
Art Direction:

Murodov Farrukh


February 2020


Tashkent Municipality


Brand Identity | Print Materials

Toshkent Non

The City Hall of Tashkent engaged us to help, launch and redesign a well-known brand of “Toshkent NON”. In our challenging work, we took this task with great pride and concerning historical traditions of the capital, on the way to create our unique brand of “Toshkent NON”. Well-known to all residents of the capital “Toshkent NON” uses age-old recipes and traditions to create their unique and delicious bread and pastries. So did we, in the terms of a re-creation of one the exceptional brands of the city, taking into account all the traditions and the deep history that lies in it.

Starting the project of “Toshkent NON”, we Investigated a contemporary phenomenon of “Toshkent NON” within its real-life context. Especially when it comes to the boundaries between past and present, in the context of modern but same time recognized brand. Dealing with the technically distinctive brand, we tried to involve many more variables of styles relying on data points, multiple sources of historical evidence, taking into account data needing to converge in modern art, and as another result, benefits from the prior development of theoretical propositions of the brand, based on data collection and analysis.

Concisely, since the 50s “Toshkent NON” has been baking all-natural bread for residents and guests of the capital because they wanted to share their adoration for baking delicious 100% bread using traditional recipes and natural ingredients. “Toshkent NON” values their customers, recognizing that they are the ones who make it all possible. They listen to them, meet their needs, give them the information they are looking for and never let them leave unsatisfied.

We worked in complete secrecy on “Toshkent NON” for several months, collaborating with multiple teams across the capital in the field of history and art. We created a brand that could focus on how to enhance trust-building through communication, a brand that could perfectly fit with the lifestyle of the modern capital. We think our vision and work offers an interesting start, or we should say the rebirth of “Toshkent NON”. The brand that motivates residents and guests of the capital, to use their imagination and time on the social network for exploration of the different unique styles in the direction of sharing emotions in such a context. These techniques and design procedures, which was used by us, appropriately, helped narrow the gap and foster the connections between the past and the present, old generation and new generation. Therefore, our team is proud to be a part of such a significant brand, to give a new breath in the old and beloved brand of “Toshkent NON”.